July 07, 2016

Barossa Valley - Boutique Winery guide

A personal selection by Woo Jong Kim, Food & Beverage Manager

1. Grant Burge Wines

  • Make sure to spend some time in their beautiful gardens – apparently this garden is one of most popular venues for local weddings
  • Their Moscato is famous for the bottle shape as well as the taste

2. Rockford Wines

  • One of most popular wineries for wine maniacs
  • Their Rose wine is one of best Roses produced in Australia – Alicante Bouchet is the name of Italian grape variety they use for this Rose
  • Basket Press Shiraz is one of Barossa’s top Shiraz – You will be lucky if the stock is available on your visit
  • Make sure to try ‘Rifle Range’ (Cabernet) and ‘Rod & Spur’ (Shiraz Cabernet blend) if you are a heavy red wine drinker!
  • Frontignac is a ladies’ favourite for it’s slight sweetness and floral aroma

3. Turkey Flat Vineyards

  • A world famous winery from Barossa
  • If you see the winemaker / owner named Christie, make sure you mention Woo from Adelaide Rockford hotel sent you – you may be lucky!
  • Their Rose is famous for being well balanced and something you want to drink during the summer months
  • Their Butcher’s Block GSM is something you can open and match with any red meat dishes – very easy to match on food (especially with Spanish Chorizo or anything with Balsamic sauce)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz are must taste wines in Barossa

4. Langmeil Winery

  • A hidden winery famous for full bodied reds
  • ‘Valley Floor’ Shiraz & ‘Jackamans’ Cabernet are Woo’s favourites – something you can open, drink straight away and something you want to drink for the whole night
  • Their port wines are also great

5. Hentley Farm Wines 

  • A great winery in Greenock area (Woo’s most favourite region in Barossa)
  • You may be disappointed when you find out that you have to pay for tasting upfront however, you'll have no regrets once you try their wines
  • ‘The Beauty’ is just as beautiful as their name – it is a secret that they add a tiny bit of Viognier (even if they do not state it on their label)
  • ‘The Beast’ is something you want to keep for 5-10 years in your wine fridge – it  tastes just like its name!! a huge, typical Greenock Shiraz

6. Greenock Creek Wines

  • They only open for a few months a year, normally from September when the new vintage red wines are produced – if you find out they are open, you must go!
  • Woo’s most favourite winery in Australia
  • Start with ‘Apricot Block’ Shiraz – they used to grow Apricot trees in this Vineyard and somehow this Shiraz has a hint of Apricot in its character which is not normally a main palate of Shiraz.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – most people think Shiraz is the only red wine you should get from the Barossa and this wine will change your perception 100%!
  • 7 Acre Shiraz – Same as ‘Beast’ from Hentley Farm, this is a wine to keep for longer in your wine cellar.

7. Murray Street Vineyards

  • Unlike other wineries, you can sit down at their tables with fabulous vineyard views and they will allow you to taste wines at the table  (cheese platters are also available)
  • Their wines are all great however, make sure to taste ‘Gomersal’ & ‘Greenock’ Shiraz

That's all, now you've had too much! Time to come back to Adelaide (Poor driver, make sure to take someone who doesn’t like drinking!)