October 24, 2019

Spring Menu - Kat's inspiration behind the new menu

Our head chef Kat's reconnection with her heritage during a recent trip home was the inspiration for our Spring Menu.

We've kept some of the favourites & also created some delicious new dishes drawing on the amazing local & seasonal produce. 

We’re excited to share Kat’s insight into the new menu…


“So I found the inspiration for the Mustard Chicken Roulade in Kamnik, the town I grew up in. A very famous food processing company called Eta is located in the town and mustard was the most important product of this family business, where they still grind it with a real millstone.

The cheese dumplings “Struklji” are from a traditional Slovene recipe and there are many different varieties from sweet to savoury. Traditionally they were reserved for special occasions, but are now one of the most characteristic everyday dishes in households all across the country.

Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon - although this is not traditionally Slovenian, I wanted to add a healthy option that would also showcase local, seasonal produce (roasted cauliflower puree) This delicious new dish has a Mediterranean touch with basil pesto & herbed sweet potato.  

Crepes remind me of my childhood, because there were days when my mom would just make crepes which we would eat in beef soup (sort of instead of noodles) as a main meal, and then crepes with either chocolate or jam for dessert. I used to always love those meals. I have added a walnut filling because walnuts are quite popular in Slovenia and most restaurants have this filling on offer. The taste is amazing!

‘Snickers in a Jar’ was inspired by my favourite treat as a kid (Snickers) and I’d always tell my parents to bring me one when they went grocery shopping.

And Ferrero Rocher Cake, well the chocolate sweet is one of my favourites now as an adult so I thought I’d just make it into a cake!

The Spring menu was a team effort with Merry, my 2nd chef helping to create new mouth-watering dishes such as the Spicy Miso Eggplant and Chicken Croquettes.

We hope you enjoy your dining experiences this Spring / Summer and I look forward to sharing our Autumn / Winter menu next year!”



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