July 31, 2019

Top 3 Winter Warmer Drinks

When we think of winter we picture log fires, hot chocolates, bobble hats and anything that makes us feel warm and cosy. Drinks are no exception – the cold weather entices us to drink delicious drinks with seasonal flavours that will take the off the chill! Jaxon and his team have created 3 winter warmers at the Spice Market to celebrate the final month of winter.


Stormy Cider

The Stormy Cider is a variation of the popular “Dark and Stormy”

(Dark and Stormy is very similar to Moscow Mule where we add dark rum instead of vodka) Variations have been made keeping the winter season in mind, combining 3 unique flavours’ (apple, ginger & lime). 

This concoction has Captain Morgan Spiced Rum as its base which fabricates (blends in) the cider, ginger beer, cranberry juice and lime to create “The Stormy Cider”.


Coco Buie

Beat the cold weather with this adult rendition of the warm, wintery drink. This rich and soothing hot chocolate has a twist of Drambuie along with Tia Maria – which gives a comforting drink to warm us up after a day’s shopping at the Mall, sightseeing around Adelaide or those cold and windy footy games!


Mulled Wine

The winter’s version of a sangria uses fruit and spices to create ‘Christmas in a Glass’! This warm, comforting spicy drink is based on the German version Glühwein (translates to Glow Wine) 

The best way to drink mulled wine is to drink it when the temperature starts to drop and there is no better time or excuse than a cold winter night in Adelaide. This rich blend is comforting, nurturing & revivifying.  Starting with a visual invitation, mulled wine is guaranteed to ignite and unite the senses for taste & smell. Our recipe has been researched and crafted by the talented Jaxon, creating a perfect blend of local produce combining fresh fruits, spices, honey and red wine from the Adelaide Hills.  Mulled wine has become a favourite tradition during the winter months all over Adelaide because of its warming qualities.