December 19, 2018


Meet Kat - Kat is our Sous Chef and has been part of the Rockford team for nearly 2 years. Kat's food is amazing so drop by our restaurant for dinner to sample some of her dishes!


Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Adelaide Rockford


I came to Australia from Slovenia 3 years ago to study Commercial Cookery/Hospitality. Back home I was running my own business for about 5 years in completely different field – beauty! I had an online shop of nail products (was a representative for Slovenia of a German brand – and I don’t speak German at all haha). I was also a Make-up Artist and Massage Therapist and I even finished Hairdressing school. Business wasn’t going well anymore, so I knew it was a waste of time. I always wanted to travel and I always dreamed of going to Australia so it was a perfect time to fulfil my dreams.

I have been cooking since I was 15 and my parents are quite the chefs at home (not really working in the field though) so I thought I would give it a go.

I have been working at Rockford in the kitchen for nearly 2 years and I’ve been a Sous Chef here for almost a year. So I pretty much do whatever needs to be done to keep things running in the kitchen alongside with our Head Chef Nigel.



Favourite food?


It’s hard to name just one, it really depends on the mood, but I do miss food from home, my dad’s roast filled with bread stuffing is definitely one. I also miss high quality dairy products like cheeses and my own favourite pumpkin seed oil straight from the farmer.


Favourite things to do on your day off?


I love to travel and I hope to do more in the future. If the weather is nice I go to the beach or on a long hike, meeting friends for coffee/brekkie and I also enjoy going to the gym for some high intensity training.


Your top travel or holiday tip


If you want a cheap and easy to get around to destination, visit Slovenia. There is so much to see, we have lakes, mountains, rivers, hiking spots, castles, etc. Some people actually say it looks like a fairy tale. Because of the size of the country, you can see most tourist attractions in just a week or so. And it’s super cheap. You can get a proper meal, including salad, soup, main meal and a dessert for as little as 5 Euro (approx. $8)


Best concert


I haven’t been to one but I do even enjoy ones from people playing at Rundle mall. It’s relaxing.