August 16, 2018


Meet Hitesh, he's our Executive Assistant Manager and the 'go to' guy at the Rockford. A wealth of knowledge, great with the guests and respected by the team. Here's a little bit more info on Hitesh and his interests when he's not busy at work!

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Adelaide Rockford

My name is Hitesh Mulchandani and I moved to Adelaide in 2009 to pursue my MBA in Hotel and Restaurant management with Le Cordon bleu and have been in Adelaide since. I wouldn’t think of moving to any other city purely because of the laid back lifestyle one could enjoy in this city. It has the best of everything beaches, bars, wines and amazing food. I joined the Adelaide Rockford in 2014 and this has been the best learning experience for me in terms of career. Currently, I am the Executive Assistant Manager and my job is ensuring smooth operations of the hotel and assist the General Manager where ever possible.


Favourite food?

That’s a tough one. I love Italian, Thai, Mexican, Greek, Japanese & Indian cuisine but if I had to pick one food in particular it has to be a Pizza


Favourite things to do on your day off?

If the weather is good I would head to one of the numerous beaches around Adelaide with my better half, find a bar or a café and enjoy a nice chilled beer.

On the days when the weather Gods are not in our favour – I prefer staying indoors and binge watch on TV shows.


Your top travel or holiday tip

I cannot emphasize enough – Always get travel Insurance. If it is something you get with your credit card that’s great if not, then it should be the second thing you buy after your flight tickets


Best concert

I am not a fan of concerts but the most recent concert I attended was Ed Sheeran and to be honest was not too impressed. That’s the end of concerts for me.