May 10, 2018


Meet Jaxon, our Food & Beverage supervisor. Just celebrating 2 years with the Rockford team and he’s been a great asset across all departments.


  • Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Adelaide Rockford

My name is Jackson (Jaxon) and I have been working at the Adelaide Rockford since April 2016; started of as a Food & Beverage Attendant and but as time passed I had the opportunity to work in different departments here at the Adelaide Rockford such as events, housekeeping, maintenance and front office. My current role here is as a Food & Beverage Supervisor. I have just completed my Masters in Hospitality from Le Cordon Bleu, Adelaide. Prior to that I was working at the Cable Beach Resort, Broome for 15 months which is where my journey in Australia began. I guess my love for food and beverages is what keeps me engaged even on my days off.


  • Favourite food?

I like almost all kinds of meat but if I got to pick one favourite food, I’ll have to go with seafood.


  • Favourite things to do on your day off?

Summers – visit different beaches around Adelaide and try new bars and restaurants.
Winters – given the harsh winters in Adelaide I’ll be mostly at home catching up on all the shows I missed during the summer! Considering the fact I visit many restaurants and bars I use that experience and cook on a more frequent basis and experiment with drinks.  


  • Your top travel or holiday tip

My top travel destination will have to be Broome but I recently visited Bali for the 1st time and it was an experience to cherish. Next on my list is Maldives.


  • Best concert

Sadly I have never been for one. But if the opportunity comes my way definitely “Coldplay”.