April 18, 2018

Top 10 Travel Tips

Whether you're travelling for a one night business trip, family holiday or backpacking around the world - it's good to know a few tips to make the travelling easier. Here's our top 10:


1.     Create a packing list

We have ALL been in that situation where we have forgotten something on a trip, and it’s really annoying! Save the stress and create a packing list before you go. Tick off each item as you pack it. If you travel a lot, you may even want to create different packing lists for different trips – e.g. business, driving holiday, overseas etc. If you still forget something, make sure you add it to your packing list for next time!

2.     Back-up / photocopy important documents

This may sound obvious and living in a digital world, we always believe things are accessible at anytime. However, suddenly losing a passport or ID in an overseas country can cause panic so it’s a great idea to have scanned copies on a hard drive or emailed to yourself and even carry paper photocopies for ease.

3.     Carry on baggage

Ensure you have some necessities packed in your carry on. For long haul flights, have a pouch containing things you may need throughout the flight such as ear plugs, moisturiser, sweets, lip balm, earphones etc. This can then be stored in your seat rather than needing to access your bag every time you need something. Also pack some holiday essentials in case luggage is lost in transit – a spare set of clothes and a toothbrush / toothpaste would be a good start!

4.     Eat local food

We may feel we have eaten certain cuisines already but not all restaurantst are authentic. Sampling local food can be so rewarding – try heading to ‘locals’ food courts or busy street food stalls for the full experience of a local culture.

5.     Travel Insurance

Ensure you have travel insurance prior to any trip. There are so many circumstances that can affect a trip and without travel insurance this could cost you thousands of dollars. Also check your credit card – many offer travel insurance already if you book your trip using the card. Be sure to check the full T&C’s of the travel insurance to make sure it’s applicable for your trip.

6.     Mark your bag

So many suitcases look the same. Even if you think your bag is colourful and will stand out, there’s a high chance everyone else buys luggage for this reason too! A brightly coloured luggage tag / strap or even a scarf tied around the handles will help to distinguish your case from the others, make it easier to spot on the carousel and also help to avoid other people taking your case by accident.

7.     Stay hydrated

Many airports do not allow liquids through security – so take an empty water bottle that you can fill up for the plane. This will help keep you hydrated and also save you money from buying the expensive bottles from the airport!

8.     Alert banks / credit cards

Gone are the days of taking huge amounts of foreign currency on trips. Most people either get money changed overseas or will continue to use their cards. Ensure you notify banks / credit card companies of your holiday plans to ensure the accounts stay activated. Banks do a great job with fraud protection and if they notice unusual activity on your account in an overseas country, they will stop the card immediately.

9.     Shared packing

If you’re travelling as a family, with a partner or even with friends it might be a good idea to share some of your packing. Have a small pile of essential clothes and distribute amongst the suitcases – this way if one case gets lost, everyone will still have some of their belongings.

10.  Take lots of pics!

The golden rule of travelling – even if you’re revisiting places it’s great to have lasting memories. Photo’s don’t cost anything and do not take up luggage space so snap away and make sure you get in some of the pics too and don’t hide behind the lens!!

Happy travels!