December 10, 2017

6 of the Best Holiday Checklists!

So, we've given some ideas on how to plan Christmas on a budget, we've shared our family traditions but with 2 weeks to go, it's now time to make sure your Christmas is fun filled and not too stressful!

Here's our favourite checklists that will help you get through the festive season smoothly. There are guides to Christmas day planning, DIY activities, daily tasks and lots of useful tips. 

This is the ultimate planning checklist – yes it starts a lot earlier than 2 weeks before Christmas, but you can still make sure everyone’s planned in time:


For those that LOVE lists, this downloadable Christmas planner is essential – there’s pages for everyone you need to plan including presents, cards, activities, menus and a calendar to plan the festive period:


This checklist is great for planning day by day reminding us about a task to do each day:


Are you hosting Christmas day for the family? Here’s a tried and tested Christmas day time plan to ensure the day runs smoothly:


My final checklist is great if you have time to download all the extras – from Christmas planning, to DIY projects including making your own spice mixes for friends & family – so many ideas, this checklist might end up adding to your Christmas plans!


And finally, don't forget to enjoy the festive period - it's not all about planning, it's about spending time with loved ones and there's no better way than a Christmas movie - here's the final checklist - have you seen them all?