November 08, 2017

Staff Christmas Family Traditions

When I asked the Rockford team to share their Christmas family traditions, the response was great. It was so nice to see faces light up when reminiscing about childhoods and sharing their old and new traditions.

Here are just a few of ours….


“Back home in France we celebrate Christmas on the 24th December. We open the presents before dinner. When I was a child my parents would bring the presents under the tree just before dessert when we were not looking. Dinner menu on the 24th December is snails, oysters, duck liver pate with toasted brioche, smoked salmon, cheeses and a chocolate cake covered with chocolate butter for dessert. We call that BUCHE DE NOEL, Christmas Log. My parents and my grandma would go for the midnight mass after dinner. My dad would make a French Onion Soup to have as a supper after coming back from church. That is an old French tradition.”


“When I was young, my sister and I were always told to wait at the top of the stairs until our Mum & Dad got up to see if Santa had been. It was so exciting and we’d creep down one step at a time before they woke up trying to look! My Japanese grandma would always make Inari and Sushi for Christmas day which was amazing. Now I live in Australia, my mum still sends me the same Christmas stocking I have had since birth filled with pressies for Christmas day. I then post it back after Christmas so the tradition continues”


“Instead of stockings hung up on the fireplace, my mum would give us pillowcases! They had a picture of Santa on the front and our names written on them – it was a great surprise seeing them filled on Christmas morning. On Christmas day, our family all open presents together – the children collect one present from under the tree at a time and hand them out to everyone”


“Christmas lunch with family followed by present opening, sleeping, eating and drinking way too much.  In the evening, we always get the cold turkey, pickles and stuff out and have more food! One tradition I have started with my children now is our Christmas tree skirt where I get their hand prints every year.  They also get a Christmas tree ornament each year”

“We always open one present on Xmas eve. This tradition started when I lived in England and I could open a present from my friend in Australia as it was already Christmas in Australia! In England, our Christmas morning breakfast would always be pork sausage sandwiches with a cup of tea, eaten around the fire  - this tradition has continued in Australia, just no fire! A new tradition we have is to walk along the beach and have a swim on Christmas morning – there’s a guy that plays bagpipes off his balcony every Christmas morning near our home so we love listening to that”