June 07, 2018

Adelaide Rockford - exciting changes ahead

Exciting changes are coming to Adelaide Rockford. 

There have been many changes over the recent years, and even more before the current owners purchased the hotel. 

Originally The Castle Inn, the hotel was demolished in 1966.  It was replaced by The Town House in 1972, later The Barron Townhouse. It was the hotel of choice for Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart in the 70’s and in 2001, the hotel was purchased by the Horbelt family and is now  the Rockford. (see images)

Originally the restaurant was called The Lipizzaner Room (named after what was deemed at the time as the top breed of horse). The Lipizzaner menu was a perfect example of some traditional classics and great prices -  Oysters Kilpatrick - $4.00 for 10! (see attached menu)

Later with remodelling the restaurant was re-named and adorned with ceramic flamingos! When the current owners bought the hotel, they staged a farewell flamingo party, a few years on and the restaurant is now called Spice Market.

Over the coming months Adelaide Rockford is embarking on a transformation which will include a modernisation of the façade and state of the art ground floor facilities and we can't wait to show you the finished product soon!