August 18, 2016

Top 5 Housekeeping Tips

 We were inspired by the Top 25 best ever housekeeping tips from Kathleen Lee-Joe so our Housekeeping Manager, Christelle Georges has gathered a list of handy housekeeping tips from her team.

Here are the Top 5 tips:

1. Tea tree oil is an awesome cleaning product, you can pour a few drops in your washing machine to give clothes a fresher smell or dilute it with water in a spray bottle to use as an air freshener. It also helps to remove gum on carpets or surfaces.

2. If you have any candle wax that has dropped on your carpet, place brown paper or newspaper on top of the area then use a warm iron over it.

3. To help clean windows or glass, try vinegar . You can use vinegar with water to mop your tiles, it will help lift the dirt. 

4. For bathroom / shower cleaning, use magic sponges to help get rid of the soap scum. Dishwashing liquid mixed with water can really help to clean your shower screens too. 

5. Bicarb soda mix with vinegar is great to get your toilet white again and cleaning drains.